Invoice Generator Module

Cre8tive Module for Small Business

System Developed by Creative Now Enterprise

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  • V1.0 - As published

  • V1.1 - Updated smart tracking to smartly save records.

  • V1.2 - Updated Encryption System

  • V1.3 - Allow customization such as removal of shipping and tax/fee for sales records (However, you will have problem in Reset Data), support blank "Discount" column for sales record (do not remove the column else there will be some error in the Sales Records)


We understand that enterprises especially sole proprietor is rising with the introduction of eCommerce platform like Amazon, Lazada, Shopee and others. However, when comes to automated invoice generator, the available option in the market is limited due to high cost and complex operation which most of the features deemed extra for a micro or small enterprises.

Cre8tive Invoice Generator Module is here to help enterprises on getting an automated invoice generator for lower cost and some additional yet important features such as Email to Customer, Add to Google Contact and Save as PDF.

Installation Guide

Start at 02:20

! Computer Only ! Make sure to purchase the add-ons before using

Step 1
. Press the Orange Add button on the right and press Make A Copy.

Step 2. The copy of Cre8tive Invoice Generator Module should be automatically open. If not, go to Google Drive ( and the document will be available under Quick access or Recent tab.

Step 3. You should see the Enter Passcode to proceed pop-up. Copy your Google Sheet URL from top of the web browser (Do not use the link in Share). The link should have /edit for example:

Make a Copy:

Step 4. Go to to generate the passcode for your Google Sheet. (Make sure only login to 1 Gmail account. If not, you can use incognito tab to access)

Step 5. Check on Review Permissions for first timer. Click on your Gmail account that you will use to access the Invoice Generator (that provided to us during purchase).

Step 6. There will be a pop up saying that "Google hasn't verified this app". Press the "Advance" wording located on bottom left. Scroll down then click on "Go to Untitled Project (unsafe)".

Step 7. Review all the permission and press the blue "Allow" button on the end of page.

Step 8. You should be seeing the page below. Input the copied Google Sheet URL and press Submit. Wait for the generating passcode to complete and you will have a message that shows Generated Passcode Is: ****** with the passcode consist of 6 case sensitive alphanumeric passcode.

*If you see Access error page, press refresh button. Make sure to login the correct email that you provided to us during your purchase. If you have issue on accessing this page, contact us.

Step 9. Paste the passcode in the Google Sheet Invoice Generator System pop-up and press Yes. You will then see the Passcode Verified message and you will be able to continue to use the Invoice Generator forever.

*If the verified message does not pop-out after entering the passcode, it is due to timeout. Refresh the Invoice Generator Sheet and key-in the passcode again until you see the Passcode Verified message.

**If you see Exceeded maximum execution time error, refresh the Invoice Generator Sheet and key-in the passcode again until you see the Passcode Verified message.

Step 10. Click on Save as PDF button. You will see a small pop-up Running Script. After that, Authorization Required will pop out for first time user, click "Continue" when pop-out appear as below.

Step 11. Click on your Gmail account that you will use to access the Invoice Generator and repeat Step 6 -7.

Step 12. Once authorization is completed, you could use the button to automate your documentation.

Please contact or WhatsApp +60106587323 or message us in FB if you face any issue during the installation or passcode activation.

User Guide

Start at 08:31

Button Function Description (Computer Only)

Save as PDF - Save the Invoice as PDF in your computer. (Allow pop-up if there's any pop-up block, refer here)

Save to Records - Save the Invoice as a record in your Records sheet inside Cre8tive Invoice Generator System.

Email to Customer - The invoice will be automatically attach as PDF in the email draft to the customer. The Subject, Customer Email will be auto populated.

Add Google Contact - Customer's name, email and contact will be added to your Google Contacts automatically. If your Google Contacts is sync to your mobile devices, you will see the contact appear in your contact list after sync complete.

Clear Customer Data - The item/quantity/amount and customer's details is cleared for you to input new invoice data. The invoice number will automatically change to the next running number.


How to look for Google Sheets URL?

Google Form URL can be found on the URL of Google Sheets in the top of web browser (highlighted in red box in the picture below)

Example URL:

Do not use the link from send button!

Can it work in Tablets and Mobile Devices?

We don't recommend to use Cre8tive Invoice Generator Module in mobile or tablet devices. The reason behind is due to screen size and compatibility, tablet and mobile devices might have limitation and not easy to edit your documents.

If you really need to access the Cre8tive Invoice Generator Module in tablet and mobile devices, follow the steps below:

  1. Go your mobile/tablet Google Chrome.

  2. Click on the 3 dots icon on the right.

  3. Make sure the Desktop site is checked (as shown in left picture below).

  4. Go to using the same page.

  5. Make sure that the page is same as the middle picture, if not repeat step 3.

  6. Look for Cre8tive Invoice Generator Module and click on it.

  7. You should be able to access the document with all the buttons. Editing / pressing on the button might be troublesome in tablet / mobile devices due to screen size.

How to add new Item Row

  1. Select the row between 25 / 26 /27 and right click > insert row on top or bottom.

  2. Highlight the Amount cell on top of the added row.

  3. Move your cursor to bottom right of the last highlighted cell until you see a "+" plus sign.

  4. Click on it and drag to the last Amount cell, you should see the formula automatically copied to all the other newly added cells.

Cre8tive Invoice - Add New Row.mp4

Why "Save to PDF" does not work?

Make sure to allow pop-up if your web browser blocks it. You should see a block sign at the top right when the browser blocks it.

For Google Chrome, refer to: